Turn from Your Sins

So John the Baptizer came and was baptizing people in the desert area. He told the people to be baptized to show they wanted to change their lives. Then their sins would be forgiven. – Mark 1:4

God’s messenger was John. He was called The Baptist, or The Baptizer, because he baptized folks who came to him wanting to change their lives to align with the will of God. John’s mission was to prepare people for the coming of the promised Christ. The purposes of this baptism were to demonstrate people’s turning from sin to God and to receive the forgiveness of God. What can we learn from John’s mission for our lives today? First, God uses human messengers to reach the hearts of those seeking to find him. Someone is out there seeking for God and God can use you or me to be that messenger! Second, seeking God involves two things: we turn to God and turn away from our sins. Third, everyone needs the forgiveness of God; none of us is righteous and holy on our efforts. In other words, we need God’s gracious forgiveness. So I guess that each of us can choose the message that he or she needs to hear most clearly today. Have I come to God to receive his forgiveness and grace? Have I truly turned to God and away from sin? To whom will I be God’s messenger? Father in heaven, you are holy and awesome. Your power is beyond my comprehension. As I think about praying to you, I am humbled that you would hear me. Thank you for your gracious forgiveness that you have shared with me through the gift of your Son. I commit my life to you and I turn my back on sin in an effort to flee its grip on me. As a recipient of your grace, please help me see the person, or people, for whom I can be your messenger. Acts 19:14 – Acts 3:17-21 – Acts 2:36-39