The Spirit and Power of Elijah

John himself will go first before the Lord. John will be powerful like Elijah. He will have the same spirit Elijah had. He will make peace between fathers and their children. Many people are not obeying God. John will bring those people back to the right way that people should think. He will make people ready for the coming of the Lord.” – Luke 1:17

Israel looked forward to the return of Elijah, the prophet who was to precede the Messiah. Since he never died, but went straight to God, they believed he would return and continue his powerful ministry in preaching God’s truth (prophesying). His message would touch folks in a way that united generations and called people to life-changing repentance. Why? Why was his coming so important? His coming was necessary to prepare the people for Jesus. Shouldn’t we also view THE key reason God has put us where he has placed us as being so that our words and our actions can help prepare others to know Jesus? Holy and righteous God, my Abba Father, please use my life to prepare the way for Jesus in the lives of those I love and over whom I have influence. 1 Peter 3:13-17 – Mark 13:11 – Luke 9:23-26