The Holy Spirit

John the baptist said: “I baptize you with water. But that person who is coming will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” – Mark 1:8

Jesus has the power and authority to send the Spirit and make us new. John could talk about the Holy Spirit and operate by the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as well as promise the coming of the Holy Spirit. However, he could not baptize in the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t part of his baptism. Only Jesus can make us new by the power of the Holy Spirit. We each need to seriously consider whether we have let him make us truly new. Father in heaven, thank you for the gift and power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in your children. Thank you for sending this Spirit into our lives, Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit, I pray that you will mold me and make me into the person I need to be to properly share the grace of God with others. John 3:3-7 – Titus 3:3-7 – Acts 2:32-33