The Authoritative Voice

The people were amazed. They asked each other, “What is happening here? This man is teaching something new. And he teaches with authority (power)! He even gives commands to evil spirits, and the spirits obey him.” So the news about Jesus spread quickly everywhere in the area of Galilee. – Mark 1:27-28

Jesus has authority. Not just rank so he can give orders. Not just power so he can obliterate his enemies. No, Jesus has true authority—rank, power, and integrity so that he can authentically rule and destroy evil. This authority should not just be admired. This authority should not leave us spell-bound. No, this authority should lead us to watch Jesus and learn from his actions, because they are gracious and compassionate as well as mighty. This authority should make us listen to what he says, because Jesus’ words are not only true, they are life-giving and liberating. We should be excited. We should tell others about Jesus. Most importantly, we should obey him and follow his example of sacrificial service. My dear and precious Father, the One True and Living God, please give me the courage to believe and obey the words of Jesus and to follow his example of sacrificial service. Matthew 28:18-20 – Mark 10:42-45 – Mark 3:31-35