Testing the Star of David FAQ

This teaching is a follow up to “Testing the Star of David” intended to address some frequently asked questions. We have known for years that once we released a teaching on this subject, it was going to be quite controversial. Much to our surprise, it had one of our highest agreement rates out of the 200+ teachings we have released to date. Despite that, out of the nearly 30,000 that have watched the teaching a week after its release, there also exists a small but passionate minority defending the image of the Star of David. We also understand that an online petition, consisting of 68 people at the time of this video, was signed, passionately demanding we remove the “Testing the Star of David” teaching. While 68 out of 30,000 may not sound like enough to warrant a follow up FAQ, collectively, they do in fact ask some good questions and make some interesting points. We respect that, and admire their passion for what they believe to be right. We hope that this FAQ on the subject of the Star of David will respectfully offer some clarity to those who have expressed concern or still have questions. If you have not watched “Testing the Star of David” we would recommend watching that teaching before continuing with the FAQ.