Nothing is Impossible

Also, your relative Elizabeth is pregnant. She is very old, but she is going to have a son. Everyone thought she could not have a baby, but she has been pregnant now for six months! God can do anything! – Luke 1:36-37

It’s almost as if the angel is saying, “How about a little help with that impossible faith, Mary? Go check with your old cousin Elizabeth. The impossible has really happened to her! She’s pregnant!” God’s great promises to his people often happened with miraculous conceptions that were beyond experience and that stretched their faith. Mary is given assurance that God not only can, but he actually does do the impossible in the lives of everyday folks. What does God want to do in you? How does he want to use you for his glory? Don’t think it’s possible? Go ask Mary who first asked Elizabeth! NOTHING is impossible for God! Father, shake loose my pedestrian dreams and give me a heart of faith to believe in your ability to do great things through everyday folks like me. Give me the gift of faith to believe that you are doing great things through your people. Take me, mold me, and use me to your glory. Ephesians 3:14-21 – Matthew 14:14-21 – Matthew 19:23-26