Life That Is Shared

The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. – John 1:4

So often, people want to sell us some formula, vitamin, exercise plan, marketing strategy, or business opportunity that will enhance our lives. Our email boxes are filled with spam about the newest, latest, and greatest ways to enhance and enrich our lives. The Bible offers one way to find life — not a few ways, just one way. This way to life is not a plan we have to follow or a product; no, the only real way to life is a person — Jesus, God’s living Word who took on human flesh! This Life, however, is not something we have to earn or pay someone else to receive. Instead, this Life was gladly willing to share everything that he had and has and is. This Life gives light. He shares grace and glory for our gain. And the offer? Well, it’s not to just a select few, but it’s for everyone. So the real question for us today is pretty simple: “Have I found life in Jesus?” If we answer yes, then the second question is, “Am I sharing that life with others?” Father, thank you! You gave me your precious life through Jesus. As I receive the blessing of his light, help me to share that light and Life with others who do not know you or your Son. Bless me especially, O LORD, as I try to reach out to. Forgive me for those times when I have been timid or reluctant to share your grace with others. John 14:6 – John 8:12 – 1 John 5:11