Led by the Spirit

Then the Spirit sent Jesus into the desert alone. – Mark 1:12

Jesus is led and guided by the Holy Spirit—in both good times and bad times. Just as Jesus goes to face temptation in the wilderness immediately after his baptism, we too find ourselves in powerful temptation struggles after a major spiritual experience, a deepened spiritual commitment, or a special time of devotion. This does not mean the Holy Spirit has abandoned us. Instead, it means that the Spirit goes with us to lead us through this time of trial, testing, and temptation. The Spirit takes what Satan intended for our harm and turns it into something that can strengthen our faith and mature us in our discipleship. Father, give me the courage to believe that your Holy Spirit leads and guides me. Help me believe that I am not alone—not in the good times or in the tough times when I feel abandoned. Use all the events in my life to mature me ever more into the character, compassion, and commitment of Jesus. John 4:30-36 – Romans 8:14-17