He Returned Home

Outside, the people were still waiting for Zechariah. They were surprised that he was staying so long in the temple. Then Zechariah came outside, but he could not speak to them. So the people knew that Zechariah had seen a vision inside the temple. Zechariah could not speak. He could only make signs to the people. When Zechariah’s time of service was finished, he went home. – Luke 1:21-23

In the first two chapters of Luke, God announces great news to people through angels. God does great things that excite and thrill his faithful ones. God’s people are caught up in once in a lifetime experiences. Yet at the end of these experiences, they have to return home and live out their everyday lives. “Mountain top experiences” are not the norm. They are the powerful reminders of God’s love and grace that move constantly behind the scenes of our everyday lives. When heaven’s grace and glory break through, God’s people are blessed with an extraordinary gift. That gift is given so that they can return to their everyday lives with faith, power, and confidence to bless those around them. Enjoy those mountain top experiences of faith, but remember to return home and share the blessings of that faith with those around you! Father in heaven, thank you for the mountain top moments in my life when you felt so close and my faith was so vibrant. Help me to use the power of those moments to come back home and live with passionate faith. Mark 5:18-20 – Luke 2:15-20 – Luke 5:24-26