Good News

The Good News about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begins. – Mark 1:1

We are beginning a journey through the Gospel of Mark. Gospel means “good news.” Mark wants us to know four things about our journey with him through the life of Jesus. First, it is a journey about God’s good news. Second, it is about a very human person named Jesus; his humanity is revealed throughout Mark’s Gospel. Third, this Jesus is also the Messiah (or Christ) promised in the Old Testament, and fourth, he is the Son of God. Never lose sight of the fact that Mark is telling us the good news of God about Jesus in the message that he shares with us. Sometimes the words and stories will be challenging and hard to understand. Yet at the heart of each story, event, or teaching is an implicit hope that God has brought us something very good in Jesus! Father, as I make the journey through the next year, please help me know Jesus better. Help me see Jesus as the source and foundation of your good news. Open my eyes and help me see Jesus. Psalm 96:2 – Isaiah 52:7-10 – Mark 8:35