From All Over

All the people from Judea and Jerusalem went out to John. These people told the sins they had done, and then they were baptized by John in the Jordan River. – Mark 1:5

John didn’t choose the most accessible location to do his ministry. Instead, he was located in the wilderness. Yet, people came from all over to hear him. Why? Because they were hungry for spiritual food. They longed to hear the voice of God through one of his servants, a true prophet. Distance was no barrier. Confession of their sins and baptism were not barriers. They were hungry for God. Are we hungry for God today? What barriers do we let keep us away from seeking God with all of our hearts? Father, help me hunger to know you better and serve you more faithfully. Please help me destroy any barriers that I have put between your grace and my need for it. Please, dear Father, never let my pride ever keep me from hearing your call in my life. Mark 3:7-8 – Mark 11:27-32 – Luke 7:24-28