Care Under Fire

Jesus was in the desert 40 days. He was there with the wild animals. While Jesus was in the desert, he was tempted by Satan (the devil). Then angels came and helped Jesus. – Mark 1:13

When you feel alone, abandoned, and under attack, where do you turn for help? Jesus trusted in his relationship with his Father. He was being led by the Spirit. However, this passage reminds us of a truth we often forget: God does send his angels to help his faithful servants in times of trial. Jesus faced Satan in the wilderness and among the wild animals, but he was not alone. Angels attended to him. Do you believe God will bless you with the same support? Father, I thank you that as your child, I will never have to face my times of temptation and trial alone. I thank you for your Holy Spirit that lives in me. Although I may not see them, I thank you for the angels I trust are sent to assist me. Most of all, dear God, I rely upon your promise to never abandon me. Please give me the faith to believe that I am never alone or abandoned as your child. Hebrews 1:14 – Romans 8:14-17, 38-39 – Hebrews 13:5-6