A Gospel for God-seekers

Dear Theophilus, Many people have tried to give a history of the things that happened among us. – Luke 1:1

Theophilus means friend of God. We can’t be sure whether the name refers to an actual person or if it is symbolic to speak to each person who is seeking to live as a friend of God. Luke does want us to know that his gospel is written after many other accounts of Jesus’ life have been written. His story is about the work God had accomplished through the events of Jesus’ life. Of most importance for us, this is our invitation to seek after God and to honor him with our lives. Jesus promised that if we seek after him, we will find him! Let’s accept that invitation and open our hearts, both to God and to his work through his Son. Father, as I start this New Year, I want to know you more fully through what Jesus did in his earthly ministry so that I can serve you more fully in my daily life. Please reveal Jesus to me as I study his life from the gospel of Luke this coming year.  Luke 11:9-13 – Luke 7:16-17 – John 1:17-18