The Tent

Paul said that the Antichrist will set himself up in YHWH’s temple. This is why many are looking for another temple to be made. However, what if the temple Paul was talking about isn’t made of stone but rather the tent of meeting. Join in this short teaching as examine the possibilities.

The Seven Seals

The book of Revelation is one that is filled mysteries from every angle. But are those mysteries coming to light as we come closer to the end times? The 7 seals are definitely one of the topics that has been discussed and debated among believers though out the centuries. We invite you to watch this thought provoking teaching as it begins to connect dots that have been over looked up to this point in time.

The Last Trump

As believers, we are looking forward to the resurrection. That blessed hope that takes place at the last trump. For many this day has been considered to possibly take place on the Day of Trumpets. And that is very possible indeed. However, could there be another one of YHWH’s Holy Days that matches just the same if not better? Join as we examine the possibilities for the Last Trump.