When it was time for Elizabeth to give birth, she had a boy. Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord (God) was very good to her. They were happy for her. – Luke 1:57-58

So often today, it seems that those who are not blessed with unexpected joys are jealous, even critical, of those who do receive them. Isn’t it wonderful that Elizabeth’s neighbors weren’t that way? We can follow their lead and rejoice with those who rejoice! Find things in your friends’ lives for which you can honestly rejoice. That makes their blessings a source of blessing for you, too! Seems like, dear God and Almighty LORD, that there is so much bad news these days. I don’t seem to find the good in the things around me. Give me a heart that rejoices with the blessings of others. Make that joy contagious. Romans 12:15 – Philippians 4:4-8 – Psalm 22:26

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