Revelation 12 – The Male Child – Part 1

This study reveals how, often times, we can so easily miss some of the most obvious things in YHWH’s Word! Sometimes it’s because we are rooted in comfort zones, like thinking a particular verse means what we’ve always been told it means … and sometimes it’s just because Elohim doesn’t want us to recognize a particular truth until it’s time for us to see it. At any rate, here’s one VERY exciting revelation you will enjoy discovering!

The Joy of YHWH Is Our Strength

The world is falling deeper into greater darkness and confusion … and the plots of ha’Shatan are leading the masses into more expansive deceptions. But be encouraged! Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the joy of YHWH is our strength and our stronghold! Let’s look at what the Father’s original language tells us through a study of the otiot, along with some relative scriptures, to gain a greater understanding of what He means for us to know!